Working Through Conflict

Who is it aimed at?

This workshop is aimed at senior executives who want to feel more in control in conflict situations and more able to manage those situations to a positive outcome.

Why attend this workshop?

Do you find you find yourself avoiding difficult conversations?  Do you worry that saying what you really want to say will upset other people?  Do you sometimes find yourself saying ‘yes’ when you really mean to say ‘no’?  Do you back down or walk away if you sense an argument brewing?

Do you want to free yourself from old habits and feel in control in confrontation?  Do you want to be confident and assertive instead of anxious or fearful in conflict situations?  Do you want to have more open and trusting relationships both in and out of work?  Do you want to learn how to get what you want and keep your relationships intact?  Do you want to be able to say ‘no’ without feeling guilty?

Then this workshop is for you.

What does it involve?

This event is designed to help participants to understand their reactions to conflict and to become more confident and comfortable in conflict situations.

It is a one day workshop for 4-8 participants which is run in-house or off-site.  The day is highly participative and practical and includes skills practice and feedback.

Outline Programme

The nature of conflict

  • beliefs about conflict and what makes it so difficult

The role of emotions in conflict

Conflict handling styles

  • what we do and what we avoid

Skills for effective conflict handling

A framework for handling yourself assertively in conflict

Identifying personal blocks to handling conflict effectively

What does it cost?

£1450 + VAT (lower rates may be available for not-for-profit organisations and SMEs)

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