Strategic Influencing and Politics with Integrity

This workshop is designed for senior managers who have to navigate the complexities of organisational politics and be influential in a political environment.

Why attend this workshop?

For many managers 'politics' is a dirty word.  And yet politics are an inevitable fact of organisational life.  The more senior you become, the more complex the landscape becomes and the greater the need to become politically smart in order to be influential.  Contrary to popular belief it is possible to act politically without losing your integrity and this workshop will show you how.

We will explore the influencing process and identify some key strategies for being influential in the complex environment of organisational life.  Participants will learn strategies and develop a plan for becoming more influential and achieving better results.

What does it involve?

This is a one day workshop for 4-8 participants which is participative and practical and is run in-house or off-site. 

Outline Programme

Understanding the influencing process

The importance of networking and how to do it

Mapping your stakeholders

The role of the grapevine

Values and integrity in influencing

Organisational politics

  • understanding what they are

A model for making political choices

  • how to become more politically savvy without losing your integrity

Having the vision and the courage

What does it cost?

£1450 + VAT (lower rates may be available for not-for-profit organisations and SMEs)


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