Galvanising Others through Change

Who is it aimed at?

This workshop is aimed at senior executives who need to lead others effectively through change.

Why attend this workshop?

For organisations today change is a fact of life. Many employees are change-weary so it's a huge challenge for leaders to inspire and lead their people through change to be motivated, creative and productive.

That said, an individual leader's ability to be calm, inspiring, empathic and supportive, and to give clear direction is a tough ask but the very thing that can galvanise others to achieve successful change.

This workshop helps participants to see how they can be the very best leaders of change, using a wide range of influencing skills and qualities to move others to give of their best through the challenges of change.

What does it involve?

This participative and practical one-day workshop is for 4-8 participants and is run in-house or off-site.  There will be opportunities for skills practive and feedback.

Outline programme

Change in organisational life

  • planned and emergent change
  • change and transition

Emotional responses to change

  • leadership behaviours through the change process

Understanding your own responses to change

The importance of empathy -- and how to do it

Supporting yourself to stay fit to support others

What does it cost?

£1450 + VAT (lower rates may be available for not-for-profit organisations and SMEs)

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