Boosting Results through Impact and Influence

Who is it aimed at?

This workshop is aimed at senior executives who need to have influence and impact to drive results.

Why attend this workshop?

Organisations today are complex places and rely on complex processes to achieve success. These are times of virtual teams, remote working, global organisations and collaborative partnerships, and the ability to be influential and have impact is vital in achieving results.

Senior executives must become experts at driving for results, being single-mindedly focused on the task in hand at the same time as managing complex relationships and influencing tough agendas, creating a positive impact across organisational and cultural boundaries.

For anybody who relies on other people to get things done, having influence and impact will be key to success.

What does it involve?

This workshop is designed to boost results through increasing impact and flexibility in influencing face-to-face.

It is a one day workshop for 4-8 participants which is run in-house or off-site. The day is highly participative and practical and includes skills practice and feedback.

Outline programme

The nature of the influencing process

Choices in influencing

  • how we limit our choices
  • how to extend your range of choices

The role of the ‘Self Concept’ in influencing

  • supportive and limiting beliefs

A model of influencing styles and behaviours

  • 4 key influencing styles and when to use them

Identifying key influencing situations for boosting results

Planning to extend your influence

What does it cost?

£1450 + VAT (lower rates may be available for not-for-profit organisations and SMEs)

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