Stop Conflict!

What is the 'Stop Conflict!' workshop?

We offer a unique and pioneering workshop lasting just 2½ hours designed to help avert conflicts at the early stages.  We have developed a process specifically designed to help individuals develop effective strategies in dealing with early/potential conflict situations.

Who is it for?

The workshop is for one individual who has identified a conflict or potential conflict and so it avoids the need to bring the other party into the room.  Indeed the other party may at this stage be unaware that there is a problem.

The workshop will benefit anyone experiencing difficulties in a relationship, whether at work, in the family or elsewhere.

What does it do?

The workshop helps the individual to find new perspectives from which to view the situation and to develop ways of thinking, feeling and behaving towards the other party.  The aim is to ‘nip the conflict in the bud’ and to empower the individual to take action themselves which will lessen the chances of a conflict developing or escalating.

The Workshop

An experienced facilitator coaches the individual through an exploration of their situation, their thoughts, feelings and actions to date, and then takes them through a process using taken techniques drawn from Gestalt and NLP to develop new perspectives and potential solutions to current and anticipated difficulties.


  • pre-workshop contact with the facilitator and preparatory work
  • facilitated 1:1 workshop (approx 2½  hours)
  • follow up coaching with facilitator
  • post-workshop materials outlining conflict handling strategies, methods of self support and review processes for the current situation

Cost: £400 + VAT

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