Organisational interventions

We provide a comprehensive consultancy service to help you maximise your organisation's effectiveness.

Our services range from diagnosis to design, delivery and evaluation of a variety of organisational interventions to meet your needs.

Examples of such interventions include:

  • designing and implementing a process for helping a client through major change, including the formation of a transition team and a series of workshops
  • designing and delivering a series of events to help a senior team work together and lead their organisation through tough times, including team development and mediation
  • designing and delivering a coaching-based leadership development programme for the senior leaders of a client organisation based in 12 countries across the globe
  • designing and delivering a series of interventions to help and organisation create and work with a new structure, including large meetings, focus groups, facilitation of the senior team, individual coaching and an organisational survey.

We would be pleaded to have a chat about your organisation's needs and to discuss how we might be able to help you.

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