MedioMatch: Diagnosing Your Needs

Our process of diagnosing and planning to meet your needs is thorough and designed to make sure that you get the best return on your investment.

Medio is a Spanish word meaning ‘I get to the heart of’ and that’s exactly what we do through our MedioMatch product.  We get to the heart of the matter and then we plan a programme that matches your needs.

Typically, we engage in a diagnostic process with a number of steps:

  • An initial telephone call or chat to determine what the meeting may be about.
  • An initial meeting to discuss the need in broad outline and determine what we may or may not be able to do to meet it.  At this meeting we would agree whether or not to proceed to the diagnostic event and if so, agree who are the key stakeholders who should be involved and whether to run 1:1 meetings or focus groups or a combination.

MedioMatch – our diagnostic process

  1. Meeting with key client – to add any new perspectives and clarify the status quo on the day
  2. 1:1 discussions with key stakeholders and target population (these may be the same or different from each other)
    focus groups with key stakeholders and target population
  3. Further meeting with key client to discuss findings and a way forward
  4. Proposal

MedioMatch maximises the success of any subsequent interventions for delivering the desired outcomes from your perspective as the key client.

As the key client you are fully involved in the process leading to the proposal and we work with you in a partnership arrangement throughout.

Unless this is for a large programme of work MedioMatch would be approximately ½ day of meetings on your premises followed by a proposal.

Cost £850 + VAT

For a large programme of work, more meetings may be required and more Medio consultants might need to be involved.  Costs would be higher accordingly but we would agree this with you at the initial meeting.

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