Leadership Team Development

We work with senior teams up to Board level to help them to work most effectively together to lead their organisations.

This can involve, for example:

  • building trust and establishing open relationships
  • resolving conflict in order to work effectively together
  • supporting newly formed teams through a merger
  • exploring the leadership challenges facing the team
  • planning strategy and the way forward

When working with a leadership team we generally speak with all team members individually and confidentially in order to understand the different perspectives which may be held and the issues which may need to be explored.

Only after this do we propose and agree an appropriate design to meet the specific needs of the team.

Team development may then take the form of one or more residential events or a series of shorter meetings or events according to the identified needs and practical considerations.

Please call us on 01600 719268 if you would like to discuss the needs of your team.

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