Achieving Success through Managing the Performance of Others

Who is it aimed at?

  • Are you trying to grow your business but you are so busy that you never feel you have the time?
  • Do you rely on the performance of your staff to achieve results for your business?
  • Could you do with some practical tools and techniques to help you manage and develop your people?
  • Do you feel as though you're the one who is trying to do everything?

Then this programme could transform your business...

What is it?

This is a programme specifically designed for leaders of small and medium sized businesses consisting of four 2-hour 1:1 training sessions + telephone coaching and email support over 3-4 months to suit your schedule. This structure minimises time away from the job whilst maximising impact on results.

What does it cost?

The cost of the programme is £1450 + VAT

Outline programme

Session 1: understanding effective performance management

  • elements of effective performance management
  • understanding why people don't do what we want them to
  • choosing an appropriate management style

Session 2: motivating others to achieve results

  • motivational factors at work and motivating your team
  • setting objectives for your team
  • skills of delegation

Session 3: giving feedback on performance

  • skills of giving and receiving feedback
  • recognising success and giving praise
  • managing under-performance

Session 4: coaching for performance

  • understanding when to coach
  • components of effective coaching and the spectrum of coaching behaviours
  • model for cocahing for performance and developing others


To find out more about how this programme could help you and for an informal chat, call Cathy Korn on 01600 719268 or email

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