Leading Through the Desert

In challenging times leaders need to be able to draw upon all their resources to keep people motivated, engaged and positive. They need to be strong in what they believe and stand for, with clear values and a sense of who they are and what they believe. It is not a luxury to take time to consider our leadership - it is essential good practice if we want to be able to perform at the top of our game when times are tough.

Leading through the Desert is a one week programme that combines a leadership development workshop, a leadership 'retreat' and a unique opportunity to journey through the Sinai Desert with the Bedouin. It enables individuals to reflect on their own goals, assumptions and leadership style and to offer the very best of themselves as leaders to their teams, their organisations and in their lives in these challenging times.

We have developed this programme in conjunction with our friends and colleagues in the Sinai to offer you a different and memorable learning experience.

Dates for the programme in 2010 are:

9-16 October 2010, Sinai, Egypt

View our brochure online or download it as a PDF (1.4MB).

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