Executive Coaching

Why coaching?

People enter into coaching for a host of reasons and through a variety of routes:

  • Some seek coaching because of a particular situation in which they find themselves at a point in their working lives.
  • Some become aware (or are made aware by others!) of a specific issue (or set of issues) which they need to address in order to be fully effective.
  • Some seek coaching to further their development after attendance on a training or development programme.
  • Others view it as an essential part of their on-going professional or personal development.

Is coaching suitable for you?

Many organisations provide coaching support as a part of a programme of events designed to meet an organisation need, for example, to develop leadership strength among their senior managers.

Whatever the route, people address a wide variety of issues in their coaching. New insight gained in the process may cause them to redefine their goals or address other issues of which they had not been aware at the outset.

How we can help you

Coaching programmes can be tailored to meet individual needs but two standard coaching packages are designed to support individuals who are able to take advantage of face-to-face coaching sessions and those who, perhaps for geographical reasons, are better suited to a telephone based programme.

Read our case studies for more about coaching and what it could do for you.


  • Face-to-Face Coaching Programme £2250 + VAT
    4 x ½ day sessions plus interim email and telephone support
  • Telephone Coaching Programme £1250 + VAT
    6 x 1 hour sessions plus interim email support
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