Mary was head of a department in a well-known financial services company. She had reached a point in her career where she wondered whether it was possible for her to continue to be successful in the organisation at the same time as operating from a style of management and leadership that felt comfortable to her and in line with her own values. She wanted to make some fundamental career decisions.

She also identified that she wanted to become more assertive - she was certainly no "wallflower", but at the same time recognised that she needed a stronger and more assertive presence if she was to be seen as a "heavyweight" contributor to the overall business at the most senior levels.

Over a number of months, Mary worked with her coach to analyse her motivations and aspirations for her career. Together, they reviewed alternatives and, at the same time, identified ways in which she could do things differently in her current role to give herself more satisfaction and achieve more of her goals. Simultaneously, she put into action strategies for increasing her presence in the organisation, especially in meetings and with her senior peer group.

Mary achieved what she set out to do, becoming more assertive in a way that gave her more gravitas and gained her more respect from her senior colleagues, without compromising her own values or integrity. She also found that, with a new perspective on her current role, she could sit comfortably within the organisation and had much to offer without looking to move elsewhere.

Twelve months after the end of her coaching, Mary was still in the organisation, and had gained a promotion to board level.

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