Marianne was a director in a large multi-national organisation, working with a multi-cultural workforce.

She was extremely task-focused and a high achiever, as well as being a very influential and powerful figure in the organisation. She was hugely respected, but often experienced as intimidating and the impact of her mood (and sometimes her stress) was at times detrimental to the working climate in the centre.

She worked with her coach to understand the impact of her own behaviour on others and to develop a range of options to enable her to be more effective. She gained insight into her own impact on others and into the beliefs and values that sometimes drove her behaviour to have a very different impact to the one she wanted.

Her coach conducted a feedback survey to enable her to understand where her style of leadership was having a positive effect and where it was not working well for her. This gave clarity in developing an action plan and enabled Marianne to make a number of changes.

About a year later, her coach conducted a further feedback survey which showed a marked difference in people's reactions, confirming that people were reacting extremely positively to the changes Marianne had made over that time.

The overall outcome was that people felt more comfortable in approaching Marianne, more able to be open and honest with her, and there were less confrontations with her reports and in the executive team. Because she was such an influential figure, this had major benefits both for Marianne and for the business in general.

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