How we work

At the Medio Partnership we have an over-arching ambition and underpinning value to make a positive difference.

In practice, this has a number of implications for how we choose to work, both in relation to some underlying values and in terms of practical considerations:


  • we aim always to make a positive difference in the lives of individuals, groups and organisations with whom we work
  • we aim to conduct our business in partnership with our clients, believing that mutually beneficial and satisfying relationships offer the best chance of the most positive outcomes in the work that we do
  • we are committed to our own continuous professional development
  • we welcome feedback as part of the process of continuing our own learning
  • we will not work in areas where we do not believe we cannot make a positive difference either because the work falls outside of our area of expertise or because the circumstances do not support the possibility of a positive outcome or for any other reason which may become apparent
  • we will not work in areas where the required values or ways of operating are in direct conflict with our own fundamental values
  • we will not work towards outcomes which we believe to be detrimental to individuals, groups or society at large

Practical considerations

  • where possible we try to conduct our business face to face, both in terms of meetings and coaching sessions but recognise that full diaries, changing schedules, geographical constraints and other factors sometimes make this difficult
  • in this case we seek other ways of working that will facilitate the progress of our work, such as telephone coaching sessions or meetings, e-mail or other internet-based conversation technologies
  • we recognise that the ability to pay for services varies between organisations and for individuals; we are always willing to engage in conversation about fee structures and what would represent value for money in each individual situation

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss any ways in which we might be able to help you. We are always pleased to talk about the work we do and how we might support others in what they are seeking to achieve.

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